Thursday 31 August 2023


Good morning my esteemed friends domiciled all over the world. Happy Sunday and welcome to today's edition of Sunday Special with the Celebrity Businessman. In this first segment, I am looking into what the sign of the cross really mean and why it is made before commencing prayers.
Apart from the Catholic Church and the Eternal Sacred Order of Cherubim and Seraphim (ESOCS), I doubt if any other church makes the sign of the cross.
People who make that sign don't even know what it implies. Well, I do not blame them because there leaders lied to them. Note that I am not condemning the sign of the cross. Rather, I am here to explain it so that people who use it will understand what it means.
The origin of the sign of the cross is traceable to the Rosicrucian Order. It is a very powerful instrument of prayer, especially invocations, by the Illuminati.
Cross is an intersection of a vertical line and a perpendicular line. The vertical line implies air descending into the water (ocean or sea) whereas the perpendicular line implies the water drifting in the opposite directions from the point where the air descended. This titanic force descending into water and the resultant effect precipitated creation.
So, by the sign of the cross, a gargantuan force fell on water, drifting it, and orchestrating creation and life to start. In order words, the sign of the cross is the sign of creation and life.
The sign is made before commencing a prayer because you are creating two things in your mind while praying. First of all, you are creating the God you are praying to in your mind and giving Him a human form. Secondly, you are creating what you are praying for in your mind.
If you are praying for that contract you have been pursuing for a long time, you should be able to create in your mind a situation where you have won the contract and have started executing it with the sign of the cross.
A Catholic priest makes the sign of the cross to commence one of the most powerful rituals in the world called mass which is all about creation and recreation. I explained Catholic mass when I wrote on Holy Communion.
Friends, can't you see that the sign of the cross is far from the so-called trinity? It has nothing to do with Jesus.
Before you start quoting the bible for me, I have always drummed it into the ears of Christians that bible is not like a novel that you read the story domiciled in it and understand.
Bible is an occult document and those stories were concocted from ancient Jewish culture in order to encode spiritual laws, principles and rituals. For you to decode those spiritual laws while reading the bible, you must study metaphysics and embellish it with the Kabbalah. Otherwise, you are just reading chaff in the bible. Excess of 90% of African pastors are preaching nothing but chaff.
Friends, you can see how powerful the sign of the cross is, and the Catholic Church leaders are lying about it. Each time I go into a standard Catholic church, I see symbols like Blessed Sacrament, crucifix, statue of Virgin Maria, the four pillars at the back of the altar, signs on the altar and the ones on the chasubles of reverend fathers, and many more. Those signs and symbols are correct, but the narratives around them are all prevaricated. Why?
I will create time to explain the four pillars at the back of every standard Catholic Church. At the foot of one pillar, you will see the head of a man, another one carries the head of an eagle, the last two carry head of a lion and that of a horse.
Ask a reverend father what those pillars mean and he will start saying St. Michael, St. this and that. Prevarications everywhere.
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