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By Chief Ugwokeh Nnaemeka (+2348067876251)
Good morning, my enormously appreciated friends domiciled all over the world and Happy Sunday. You are welcome to today's edition of Sunday Special with the Celebrity Businessman. The first segment is anchored on dream and why people have dream experiences.
"Uncle Emeka, good morning sir," I heard from a lady's voice from behind. I stopped, turned and it was Eniola, my neighbor's sister-in-law. Eniola was Peter's wife's younger sister and Peter and his family members were living in a flat next to mine when I was still domiciled in Yaba. Eniola, a very charming babe, started living in Peter's flat in view of its close proximity with Yaba College of Technology where she was running a diploma program.
Sometimes, Peter's wife would travel to her village and spend over a week, leaving only Peter and Eniola in that flat. At a point, I started envying Peter.
"Please, I would like to ask you something sir. I hope you are not in a hurry," Eniola said.
Well, it was a Sunday morning and I came out because I got a signal that the newspaper vendor was around. Having gotten the Sunday Punch I wanted from the vendor, I obliged her my attention.
"Sir, I had a dream where Kanayo O. Kanayo was pursuing me with a calabash. I wanted to run faster, but could not. His speed was higher than mine and it was when he caught me that I woke up. Can you explain to me what the dream symbol is. I don't know if it is a sign that my village people are after me just because I got an admission in YabaTech," she said.
I asked her how she got to know about dream symbols and she said that she heard me discussing it with her brother-in-law.
"I have always seen you arguing with people about God, payment of tithes in churches and other things and your points are always unique," she added.
I asked her the last time she watched Nollywood movies and she said last night before going to bed. I also asked her the last time she saw KOK in a movie and she said two nights ago. I now told her that no one was after her and that it was movies she had been feeding her mind with that the subconscious mind took and played back to her in another form in a dream.
Esteemed friends, had it been that she had not watched movies for about a month, that dream would have been a message to her on what is being perfected in the spiritual realm. Dream experiences come from the subconscious mind, which is the spiritual mind. The subconscious mind is the connection between you and your God.
It controls memory, will power, imagination and mediation. It receives information from the conscious mind and stores them as symbols and codes. Everything must happen in the spiritual realm before being manifested in the physical realm.
If some wants to happen to you, whether good or bad, your subconscious mind must show it to you more than once in form of a dream. What you will see in the dream may not be exactly what will happen. You will receive the dream message in a coded way or as a symbol based on the previous information your conscious mind had supplied to your subconscious mind.
Let me give an example. You are working in a company and all of a sudden, a certain issue comes up and your boss sacks you. It is always very painful to be sacked. Each time you see your boss on social media, in real life, television or newspaper, your mind tell you that this is a very wicked boss who sacked you. That erstwhile boss of yours has become a symbol of 'sack' in your subconscious mind.
Now, you gets a better job and after some months, you starts seeing that erstwhile boss that sacked you in the dream frowning his face at you, the dream means that you are about to be sacked again in the new company. This is called dream symbol.
Two people can have the same dream experiences and it means different things to them. That is why I have always criticized pastors who write and sell books on how to interpret dreams. They give readers the impression that dream symbols mean the same thing to everyone. Dream symbols are interpreted based on the past experiences of the dreamers that their subconscious minds had accepted from the conscious minds.
Let me state it unequivocally that eating or having $ex in the dream means different things to different people. Don't be deceived your pastors.
A lady who has always craved sexual satisfaction may never get it because of the obvious reason. During sexual intercourse, it is always when a lady begins to enjoy it that her partner reaches orgasm and stops. This happens for a long time and that gap in satisfaction is registered in her subconscious mind. For that gap to be filled, she will experience $exual satisfaction in the dream state.
A lady who wants to have sex, but can't have it in view of her faith or belief may also have this experience. This equally happens to guys that no lady finds attractive. If something, either good or bad, happened to you after the first time you had $ex, having $ex in the dream may imply that the same thing is about to happen again. It is the same thing with seeing yourself wearing your primary or secondary school uniform and in classroom with classmates in the dream.
Like what I mentioned above about a lady who craves for sexual satisfaction, sometimes, you dream about what you crave for. A junior pastor of a certain church domiciled here in Lagos fell head over heels in love with a very beautiful Sunday school teacher of the same church. He asked her out several times, but got turned down for the obvious reason. The junior pastor was still struggling financially while the babe was a marketer in one of the commercial banks.
He kept thinking about this babe everyday and never hid his love for her from his fellow pastors. A certain Sunday, he came to the church and started announcing to every workers in the church that God had finally spoken. According to him, he had a dream the previous night where he was wedding with the Sunday school teacher.
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