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By Chief Ugwokeh Nnaemeka (+2348067876251)
Good afternoon and welcome to the second segment of Sunday Special with the Celebrity Businessman. The topic is a double-barreled question and I would love to start with the first one. Where do people go after death?
Domiciled in churches are narratives of purgatory where people who di*e first go in order to atone for their sins before finally going permanently to heaven, a supposed place of enjoyment. As a result, several people pay for the souls of their departed relations to be remembered in masses. Also, a confraternity within the Catholic church called the purgatorial society was formed whose work is to pray for the souls contemporarily suffering in purgatory to make heaven as soon as possible. This is very laughable!!! Imagine people that have very crucial needs to pray for abandoning them and praying for souls in purgatory.
Let me state it categorically that even though there is a certain place in one of the inner spiritual plane called purgatory, souls do not go there to atone for sins. Souls atone for their sins, better referred to as negative karma or cosmic debit, on this physical plane called the earth. Let me repeat that there is no soul in purgatory atoning for any sin.
What exactly is soul? Soul is the real you. People say that they have soul. You don't have soul. Rather, you are the soul wearing a body and having a spirit as an evidence of your contemporary incarnation. Soul is who you really are and you have come into the earth several times wearing different bodies in different families and countries through incarnations.
Death occurs when the body becomes not good enough for the soul to continue to wear. The soul sheds the body and the spirit and goes to the inner plane to face the lord of karma for judgement. The spirit, which is an evidence of existence of that body or incarnation remains with the family the body was born into. That is why you can use pouring of libation to invoke the spirits of your dead father or grandfather. So, anybody who dies must report to one the inner planes, which some people call heaven, for judgement. Note that no soul stays there forever.
It is the result of the judgment that will determine how long the soul will remain there before reincarnation, the gender of the body it will wear while coming back to the earth, the kind of family and the country the soul will reincarnate into.  The outcome of the judgement will give you the sizes of your cosmic credits and debits. Cosmic debits are a summation of all the good things you have done in your previous incarnations that you have not received rewards for whereas cosmic debits are a summation of all the bad things you have done in your previous incarnations that you have not received rewards for.

Different people came into this world with different packages called cosmic credits and debits. Those who came with about 97% credits and 3% debits are in grade one heaven in this world. They are children of super-rich parents who have never lacked anything. They achieve gargantuan success with the smallest efforts.  However, those who came with 3% credit and 97% debit are in hell on this earth. Many of them were born blind and helpless, some where born mad and different sorts of ailments. I have used two extreme cases as an example.
You can now imagine someone that came with 40% credits and 60% debits. The person may be lucky to be born as a normal human being, go to school and graduate, but must continue to struggle, no matter how intelligent he is. The person may be working very hard as an educated person, but finds it very difficult to feed himself. The person will be facing rejection everywhere. He will get married to the wrong person and his suffering increases. Which category do you belong to? So, when things are working out for you, do not thing that it is because you are very smart and hardworking.
I have been able to establish the fact that after death, soul goes to the inner plane for judgement which will determine if he will enjoy or suffer in his or her next life. I have also proven that heaven and hell are domiciled on this physical plane called earth.

People who are in heaven are the ones who are enjoying success they got with the smallest efforts. They are also the ones born into super-rich families. There is a gradation in heaven. Some are in grade one while others are in other grades.
People who are in hell are those who are perpetually and helplessly suffering from one ailment or the other such as blindness, madness, hole in the heart, etc. They are the ones who were born into extremely poor families and they remain poor. They are the ones that sleep under the bridges because they have no homes. There are also a graduation in hell.
Another set of people in lesser hell are the ones who are educated and smart, but where people who they are smarter than easily succeed, they fail. They are the unlucky ones who work like elephants, but eat like ants.
There are a good number of people who were born into extremely poor families, but they latter made it in life. Do you know why? Those people must have suffered so much and worked out almost all their cosmic debits in their immediate past lives before they died. So, they reincarnated into very poor families so that they would work out the remaining cosmic debits before things would start working well for them. They are usually helped by passing strangers
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