Monday 7 August 2023


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By Chief Ugwokeh Nnaemeka (+2348067876251)
Good morning, my highly esteemed friend and Happy Sunday. You are welcome to today's edition of Sunday Special with the Celebrity Businessman. Yes, which process attends the emergence of a new Catholic Pontiff, the Pope?
The narrative promulgated and propagated in the Catholic Church is that when it is time to select a new Pope, all the Cardinals will gather in the conclave, which is not accessible by the outside world, prayers will be made and the holy spirit will pick one person. When it was time to select the successor of Pope John Paul II, I purposely watched the process on CNN until the Cardinals entered the conclave and the transmission signals disappeared. Why is it even a top secret, in the first place?
Let us assume that the onus of selecting a new Pope is on the holy spirit, why has the supposed holy spirit not found any black Cardinal capable of becoming the leader of the global Catholic church? I can regurgitate that after the interment of Pope John Paul II, it was speculated across the world that Cardinal Arinze would be the successor, in view of his capability. According to a pool by #CNN, Cardinal Arinze came first, but the powers that be didn't want a black man.
Let me state it unequivocally that neither the holy spirit nor the Cardinals have any say in the selection of a new Pope. What happens is that the Cardinals enter the conclave and await the directives from the powers that be, which is a group of 13 people called G-13 lead by a woman who has never been a Catholic. The woman, who is late, had the highest voting power and all the Cardinal she chose were made Popes.
Pope Francis and about five previous Popes were chosen by her. The woman is the immediate past British Monarch, late Queen Elizabeth, who was an Anglican. I am certain that contemporary the question in your mind is why the woman was so powerful and I will tell you. By dint of being the British Monarch, she was the leader of the inner circle of the #Illuminati called the G-13. In other words, she was the number one Illuminati in the world. Since she is late, her successor and son, Prince Charles, has taken over. Any person occupying the seat of Catholic Pope is automatically the number 3 person in the G-13 inner circle. You can now see why the British Monarch is always very intentional and strategic in choosing the Catholic Pontiff.
We all know how she hated black Africans, especially Nigerians, even before we got our independence from the British government. She was a very wicked woman who stole enormously from Africa and saw the continent as homes of people who were next to black monkeys. So, how did you expect her to make Cardinal Arinze or any black Cardinal the Pope? I am certain that Prince Charles has towed her line.
Let me also make it explicit here that all orthodox churches are appendages of the Illuminati. In other words, Illuminati controls their leaderships. All the signs and symbols in those churches, from the sign of the cross, signs on the chasuble of priests, symbols inside the churches, etc either have #masonic or #rosicrucian origin. One of the prerequisites of becoming a Cardinal is being a high-ranking Illuminati.
So, after the G-13 transmits their choice, during an emergency meeting with the British Monarch, to the Cardinals waiting in the conclave, a very big ram is slaughtered in the conclave. Thereafter, the blood is sprinkled on the new Pope's Illuminati ring. Then, all the Cardinals stand and bow before the new Pope. Messages will be sent to the media regarding the emergence of a new Pope.
If you can regurgitate, the day Peter Obi met Pope Francis one-to-one, he kissed that ring. The picture was published in all the media outlets.
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