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By Chief Ugwokeh Nnaemeka (+2348067876251)
Good afternoon, esteemed friends and Happy Sunday. You are welcome to the second segment of today's edition of the Sunday Special with the Celebrity Businessman.
I stopped confessing my sins to reverend fathers for a good number of reasons. Before I go into that, let me explain how confession commenced. Confession was introduced as a ploy by certain ancient Roman masters to know who, among their servants, were thieves.
The servants were made to believe that to ensure their continuous stay in their masters' houses, they must always be pure through confessing their sins to God through their masters. As empty as the servants were, they believed and kept on going for confessions and receiving sacraments of penance. That's was how the masters knew who did what and how among the servants.
Seeing themselves as the masters and the laity as servants, leaders of the Catholic church adopted the confession and Sacrament of penance. You must confess your $ins to a priest at most two weeks before receiving holy communion.
In so many contemporary Catholic parishes, priests also use also confession to know the characters of their parishioners. With it, the parish priests know parishioners in laity councils, parish councils and different committees who must not be trusted. Although the priests are not supposed to see the faces of the confessors during confession, but they recognize their voices.
From childhood, I have always questioned the rationale behind confessing my $ins to my fellow human beings in the name of confessing to God. Does it imply that those priests are representatives of God?
At the age of 10, I graduated from catechism classes and became qualified to receive Holy Communion, but had to go for confession as one of the prerequisites. I continued until I became an adult and I stopped after careful evaluations.
Which sins do I even commit? I don't kill, I don't sleep with married women, I don't terminate pregnancies, I don't divert public funds, I don't convert money meant for church project into personal use. So, what am I even confessing? The priests that people confess to are neck-deep into the sins mentioned above. In spite of taking the oath of celibacy, so many of them have children with different women, both married and unmarried.
In the year 2021, I happened to be very close to a certain yoruba priest, by dint of my position as the secretary of some committees in the parish. I had access to some documents in the parish. I discovered that the Mushin tout, who calls himself a priest, was paying married graduates working full time in the parish the sum of N25,000 per month as salary, claiming that the parish was new and had no money.  I had to confirm this from one of the workers.
However, the priest was diverting offerings, tithes, donations and so many other inflow into bankrolling his girlfriend's post-graduate studies and lavish lifestyle. As blatant as he was, he was sending his girlfriend on errand to his bedroom, in my presence. His girlfriend seemed to know even where he kept his dirty undies. I can give so many other instances. So, why should I continue to confess my own small sins to these terrible people? However, there are still very few of them who are exceptionally good.
Another reason why I stopped going for confession is because of the spiritual law that says that whatever you sow, you must reap. It is called the law of karma. Whatever you do, whether good or bad, must come back to you, either in this incarnation or subsequent ones, whether you go for confession or not.
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