Friday 4 September 2015


Rt. Hon. Chief Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, Enugu State Governor
Tectono Business Review gathered that a pressure group in Igboano in Uzo-Uwani Local Government Area of Enugu State known as Equity and Fairness Forum has petitioned the state’s governor, Rt. Hon. Chief Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, over an incessant political marginalization of the area.

According to them, they are miffed owing to the fact that they have been continuously excluded in the area of political appointments and elective positions and therefore pleaded with Chief Ugwuanyi to correct the political imbalance to ensure justice, equity and fairness among the four zones that make up the local government.

In a statement by the pressure group which was made available to Tectono Business Review, they requested that the next Uzo-Uwani council chairman should be zoned to the area.

The statement reads in part: “Uzo-Uwani LGA is subdivided into four zones; Adada, Ogboli, Mbanano and Igboano. Adada with population of 22,756 has enjoyed the lion share of positions from 2003 till date. They have produced two House of assembly members, one House of Representatives, one senator, three commissioners and five senior special assistants. Ogboli with population of 48,329 has also benefitted from the stream of who gets what since 2003 as they have amply been represented in various capacities ranging from chairmanship 2007-2011, house of assembly 2011-2015 and 2015-date, commissioner 2007-2011 and SPA 2011-2015. Mbanano with population of 29,988 has produced two LGA chairmen 2003-2005 and 2011-2015, one SPA 2007-2011 and one commissioner- 2003-2007.”

While lamenting that Igboano, in the last 12 years, had received no worthwhile and palpable political appointment, the Equity and Fairness Forum asked: “Will it be fair and just, before God and Man, for either Adada producing the current senator in 2015-2023 and having produced two commissioners, or Ogboli producing the current house of assembly member in 2011-2019 or Mbanano, which has just completed full two-term tenures of chairmanship from 2011-2015, to produce the next LGA chairman? Should what is good for the goose not be good for the gander?”


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