Sunday 6 September 2015


Owing to the promoters’ long term commitment, the Nigeria’s first true composite retail chain called Yudala is an instant hit and big overnight success. The promoters did not  do any other thing so special other than applying the retail chain ingredients for success such as investing massively today tons of energy and funds into something that can only be found in future in Nigeria.

Yes, Yudala is the biggest thing yet in the country and can only grow even larger owing to the promoter’s passion, never give up attitude, thirst for more and great care. It holds the enviable status of being the first company to combine an e-commerce platform with offline retail stores located nationwide. It successfully launched its offline stores division in a glamorous and well-attended event in July 25th before following it up with the unveiling of its e-commerce platform.

From day one of the launch, millions of enthusiastic shoppers eager to take advantage of the mega deals as well as the mouth-watering discounts and freebies on offer have besieged the e-commerce platform.

A massive buzz was generated on various media platforms including radio, TV, newspapers and social media/blogs as the countdown wound down to the official launch of Yudala Online.

Among its many offerings, Yudala had promised daily sweet deals of up to 90% off on a number of products till the 5th of September, free phones for purchases above N20, 000.

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