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The roof is a very critical area as it is always exposed to harsh weather conditions, climatic changes and rains. The terrace surface tends to accumulate rain water which in due course starts seeping inside the slab. Over time the deterioration of the surface will increase leading to more damage. The roof is the most affected part of a building, directly impacted by rains. Often the leakage through the terrace causes severe dampness in the ceilings, thus spoiling the look of the interior paints.

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Do you observe any of the following signs, or the combination of the following signs in your building?
  • Swells and bubbles in your plaster boards
  • Discolorations in your ceiling as a result of water collected for a long time
  • Active water leakage (or water droplets), water leakage or water ingress through any part of the building, or from the pipe work / waste pipes.
  • Salt deposit (white stains), leaching of salt on the floor, wall or ceiling of the building.
  • Dampness, moisture, wetness or signs of dampness on the floor, wall, ceiling or roof of the building.
  • Water marks, stain marks, water streak marks on the floor, wall, ceiling or roof of the building.
  • Blistering / bubbling paintwork on the wall or ceiling of the building.
  • Mold growths on the floor, wall, ceiling or any part of the building

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