Thursday, 9 April 2020


Nigerians, between investing in landed properties and acquiring very expensive cars, which one do you prefer? Do you know the difference between assets and liabilities? Let us briefly explain the difference. An asset is what you have that keeps adding money to your pocket, even if you are dead, it keeps adding money to the pockets of your children. A liability is what you have that keeps removing money from your pocket.

Now, the vehicle in the picture above which was destroyed by a road accident is very expensive. They come in different models. They cost ₦300million, ₦200million, ₦150million, ₦100million, ₦80million, ₦70million, ₦50million, ₦40million, ₦30million etc depending on the model. That vehicle removed a lot of money from the owner’s pocket via servicing, maintenance and fueling and after everything, it got destroyed via accident. Millions of naira has been wasted by the owner. Folks, don’t you think so? That vehicle is a 100% liability and 0% asset. Are you using your brain?

Do you know how landed property investment works? Land is the only asset that keeps appreciating in value. Yes, the value never depreciates. As little as ₦2million, you can buy a plot of land at the new Lagos, otherwise known as the Ibeju Lekki. Within a year or two, the plot of land will appreciate by 100% and you can resell it and have a huge profit. Imagine the amount of money the owner of that vehicle in the picture above would have made within a year if he had invested his ₦150million in Ibeju Lekki plots of land.

Who do you really want to impress with expensive vehicles, your friends, babes, relatives, colleagues, club members or competitors? Folks, it is high time you used your brain. Stop buying expensive vehicles to impress people and invest in landed properties and secure your future. See, you have to wake up and run your race. You will understand that you are really on your own when you are financially down.

You have to start building your investment foundation now and the best way is real estate investment. You can check out the links below for available properties in Ibeju lekki and Ajah axis.

Extra-smart people deserve extra-smart investment in landed properties at the new Lagos, otherwise known as Ibeju-Lekki. This is where great developmental projects are currently going on and in the next two years, it will surpass Lekki Phase 1 Estate. Are you aware that Lekki Port will commence full operations in 2022? This implies port operations and development are shifting from Apapa to Ibeju-Lekki. Any plot of land you buy in Ibeju-Lekki now will appreciate by excess of 200% in 2022. Other notable attraction here include: Lekki Free Trade Zone, Dangote Refineries, Eleko Beach, Lekki, New Epe International Airport, Eleganza Industrial Estate, Pan Atlantic University etc. If you have not invested heavily in landed properties, you have not landed. Acquire genuine plots and hectares of land free from government encumbrance in our estates at Ibeju-Lekki. For details, click:

Have you heard that Landwey is giving out plots of land at URBAN PRIME TWO ESTATE at Abraham Adesanya Roundabout, Ajah, Lagos? You can get yours by clicking:

Have you thought about having a 5-Bedroom Apartment with Penthouse and Indoor Swimming Pool near Pan Atlantic University?  For details, click:

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