Tuesday, 14 April 2020


Folks, have you been thinking about this? The economies of the European countries are prospering while they are selling out their churches for business and other purposes. Can you juxtapose it with the economy of Nigeria and other African countries where industries are selling their warehouses to churches?

Hmmm!!! How can we understand a God that prospers those who push Him outside and sell His houses while visiting those who gave Him houses to live in with abject poverty? Have you put on your thinking cap? It must either be that God is an ingrate or that we do not understand the concept of God.

Can you understand a God that was given shelter and yet chases away the youths of that country to foreign lands; the same foreign lands that rejected God? Well, something must be wrong somewhere. Folks, what do you think?

In case you do not know, God is neither in the altar of the church, mosque nor in the effigy in the shrine. The altar or effigy in the shrine is just an artistic expression of people’s impression. The idea of God is the main problem of our spiritual progress. We are often led into illusion by the influence of the artistic visualization of divinity.

The God that the theologians want you to know is the God of worship whom you see or realize as extreme extension of a big man managing the world from a boardroom or a government with autocratic head. Look out for all backward people both economically and politically, you will notice their worship of their so called God.

God can be defined as the verifiable general law that explains how things work or why things happen. God as energy flows through all things and manifesting new things according to the laws of your mental conditioning. God is a neutral force except as to its modification by a mind.

Whatever man thinks of God is, is what it must be for him for the influence of that concept shall surround him. A new life opens to the individuals who get the right concept of God. The starting point in spiritual realization is the proper understanding of God.

God enters into surgery and he is dissected and inspected. God is an implement of use and not of worship in the sense of religion. God is simply a way of life and when you follow it, your problem is resolved. The problem is not resolved by singing praises to him, he is used or applied. That’s all.

A firm grasp of the laws and principles of life is a grasp of God and when thoroughly understood and applied, you take a position of control. To know God will lead to the control of his manifestations. To use him means to decide the fate of his creation. So, God is an object of use and not that of worship.

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