Friday 28 July 2023


The US Democratic presidential hopeful, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., has stated that his interest and support for Bitcoin was fired up during the Canadian truckers’ protests in early 2022 when the Emergencies Act was implemented for the first time in Canada’s history.
According to him, the Emergencies Act granted the government-controlled authority to repress the protest which precipitated freezing of bank accounts and credit cards of protest leaders and supporters using facial recognition and license plate identification technologies.
This experience made him realize the importance of financial transaction freedom, which he now regards as being in line with freedom of expression.
His support for Bitcoin has been driven by a strong belief in the importance of financial freedom and privacy, especially in the face of increasing surveillance and government control over financial transactions.
We had earlier published Robert F. Kennedy’s activities indicating his support for Bitcoin, more especially how he purchased the digital currency for each of his seven children.
He also proposed innovative concepts such as Bitcoin Treasury bills (T-bills), backed by Bitcoin and other commodities, and removal of the capital gains tax on Bitcoin sales with a million-dollar cap to prevent exploitation by large investment managers.

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