Tuesday 18 July 2023


ugwokeh nnaemeka
The Executive Chairman of Tectono Group Limited,
Chief Ugwokeh Nnaemeka, has once again opened the eyes of Africans on the God they are supposed to pray to and worship.
On Sunday, July 26, 2023, the Okemmadu of Kabong and brand ambassador of FloxyPay delivered the teaching via his Facebook page.
He stated it unequivocally that the God to be worshiped is the God of one’s fathers domiciled in his village, not Jewish God that many members of the orthodox churches worship.
Funnily, he said that Jewish God does not even understand English, let alone any dialect in Africa, adding that God of one’s fathers understands his dialect and know his problem and is capable of solving them.
Although, the teaching is very controversial, it is the truth. Below is the full text of the article:
Esteemed friends, how are you enjoying your Sunday?

What is God?

Contemporary churches in Africa have created an erroneous impression that God is a certain supernatural being with big head and eyes living in heaven or flying about looking down down, and watching everybody on earth.

Churches also made people to believe that God will bring down His hand and knock on anybody who goes against His commandments.

Some people embark on marathon fasting, believing that very soon, God will say, "Oh, my child, you have suffered. Therefore, take this $1,000."

There are two major categories of God.

The first one is the Universal God.

The second one is the God of Worship.

At this juncture, you need to read carefully to understand my point.

Universal God is laws and principles.

This universe is very organized in such a way that so many things happen in a special way.

There are day and night, rainy season and dry season, birth and death, etc.

Anything you throw up must come down, if you put your finger inside fire, the fire will burn your finger, if you plant maize during rainy reason, it will germinate and grow, if someone shoots you with a gun on the chest, the bullet will destroy some of your organs, etc. There are innumerable instances.

These are laws of the universe, and nothing can stop them from happening.

The force behind these laws is called the Universal God.

This is the God that atheists believe doesn't exist. Well I don't blame them.

The Universal God cannot thwart the universal laws and principles, no matter how you fast and pray to Him.

Unfortunately, a greater percentage of African christians pray to the Universal God year in year out and their situations keep getting worse.

See, if you are a Christian, you need to open your eyes. Free yourself from the mental cage you are.

Your pastors cage your mind so that they will continue to extort you.

Share this post on all platforms so that many people will be free from mental slavery.

God of Worship is the God you can pray to who is capable of thwarting some universal laws to help you out.

Only the God of Worship can make a bullet not to penetrate your body even when you are shot at a close range.

This is the only God that can stop you from sinking when people throw you into the high sea.

Christians, it is only the God of Worship that can change your situation.

How does one access the God of Worship?

Very simple!!!

Look for the God of your fathers domiciled in your village.

God of your fathers is the only God that can help you, unless you came into this contemporary incarnation with enormous cosmic credits.

At least once in a year, go your village and pay homage to the God of your fathers.

When you get there, ensure that the chief priest pours libation for you.

Jewish God doesn't even understand English, let alone your dialect. He doesn't even know you. You are wasting your time with Him.

Christians, especially members of orthodox churches, it is high time you left Jewish God alone.

God of your fathers understands your dialect, knows your forefathers, understands you and your problems and knows the solution to your problems.

The churches call it idol worshipping just because they want you to continue to support their projects financially.

They still want your offerings and tithes.

Let us, Africans, emulate Asians.

Asians are still deeply rooted in their traditional spirituality and Africans who think that they know better than them are serving them.

If care is not taken, China will be our neo-colonial country, in view of our magnitude of indebtedness to them, and they worship the God of their fathers.

I work with Chinese and Indians and I know they are over a century ahead of us.

The real God is not in heaven watching over anybody. Rather, He is in your village and he will continue to be with you and do wonders in your life when you start paying homage to Him.

While making prayers in the morning, pray to Him. Imbibe the culture of pouring libation to Him where you contemporarily live.

Africans, let us open our eyes.

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