Monday 31 July 2023


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The celebrity businessman,
Chief Ugwokeh Nnaemeka, has once again exposed another secret of the Catholic Church.
In one of his Sunday teachings on his Facebook page called Sunday Special with the Celebrity Businessman published on Sunday, July 30, 2023, the Executive Chairman of Tectono Group explained why Pope, Cardinals and some Bishops have ceased to be Christians.
Below is the full text of his teachings:


Good afternoon, esteemed friends and how are you enjoying the Sunday?

You are welcome to the second segment of today's edition of Sunday Special with the Celebrity Businessman.

Yes, the Catholic Pontiff, otherwise known as the Pope, the Cardinals and some of the Bishops are no longer Christians.

This implies that prior to attaining their contemporary status, they were christians.

The Cardinals are called the Princes of the Catholic church, not christians.

Who is a Christian?

Note that the essence of this article is not to fight anybody or church. Rather, it is to open the eyes of my esteemed friends.

A Christian is a strong believer and follower of Jesus Christ and his teachings.

Theological studies and the bible underscore how Jesus was born by Virgin Maria, how he grew up, started his teachings and miracles.

These are the common belief of the hoi polloi christian.

Believing in these cut and join stories and praying through Jesus are actually what made them Christians.

Let me ask you this question. If in the course of your studies and associations, you get a privileged information that Jesus never existed as a human being, but a mere symbol of sacrifice, will you continue to be a Christian?

Being convinced that the stories of Jesus were concocted automatically makes you a non-Christian.

I hope you are using your brain as you are reading.

By dint of their privileged information, association in the inner circles of the masonic and Rosicrucian orders, the Princess of the Catholic church are aware that the story of Jesus never happened.

Therefore, they have ceased to be believers and followers on Jesus Christ.

By application, they are no longer Christians.

Many of the general overseers of big churches know this.

They know that Jesus is a creation of the Greek to critique Moses, which was created by the Jew.

The Romans also created John the Baptist.

Christianity, to them, is a business and they are under oaths not to reveal this secrets, even if they resign.

They have continued to preach the gospel of Jesus knowing fully well that they are lying, just for the propagation and promulgation of the business.

The person who has the highest voting power when choosing a new Pope is not even a Catholic. This is a topic for another day.

Have you ever seen a Catholic priest who remained a Catholic, after resignation?

Even seminarians who get sacked leave the church.

Friends, as you continue to participate actively in your church activities, use your brain. Imbibe the culture of asking fundamental question.

So many Christians believe that their priests and pastors are super-human beings and cannot be questioned. This is wrong.

"Do not judge" and "Touch not my anointed" are used by them to protect themselves as they continue to get involved in atrocious acts.

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