Monday 24 July 2023


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Chief Ugwokeh Nnaemeka
has stated it unequivocally that without a very sound knowledge of Kabbalah, nobody will correctly interpret the bible because the bible was written by Kabbalists.
On an article on his Facebook page on Sunday, July 23, 2023, the Okemmadu of Kabong stated that virtually all African pastors are just preaching chaff with the bible because they have not understood Kabbalah.
Below is the full text of the article.

Good afternoon, my esteemed friends. How is your Sunday going?

The rain disorganized the itinerary of a lot of people.

Yes, without a sound knowledge of Kabbalah, you cannot correctly interpret the bible.

The contemporary Jews are domiciled all over the world. In the course of my career, I have met a lot of them.

They are many in Africa.

Are you aware that the contemporary Jews laugh at African big general overseers like Adeboye, Olukoya, Oyedepo, Otabil, Suleman, etc whenever they watch them preach on television?

They talk about the stories in the bible as if they actually happened.

The Jews are aware that those stories in the bible were concocted by their forefathers.

If you have any mature and knowledgeable Jewish close friend, ask him.

Two Sundays ago, I explained what the bible is all about via an article. You can scroll down on this page to find it.

Let me just give a synopsis of my explanation of the bible.

Bible is a compendium of spiritual laws, principles and rituals encoded in stories written in accordance with ancient Jewish culture.

In order words, bible is an occult document which was packaged by a team of kabbalists and other spiritualists.

It was initially packaged in prose, but to make it very fascinating to read, it was converted to stories.

If you are reading those stories without a sound  knowledge of Kabbalah, you are just reading chaff.

What is Kabbalah?

Well, Kabbalah is a very wide field of study and it cannot be fully explained here. It requires a classroom coaching.

I will explain few things on how it can be used to interpret the bible. For an indepth explanation, contact the RosyDawn Centre For Metaphysical Studies (+2348096377702).

Kabbalah is the study of ancient Jewish metaphysics, mysticism and antiquities.

In the bible, Kabbalah teaches the language of the tongue, the soul of the law, and the soul of the soul of the law.

Language of the tongues shows how the ancient Jews told their fictic stories, otherwise known as fictions. They used names of human beings and names of places in fictions.

In Igboland, in fictions called akuko ifo, names of animals are used. For instance akuko mbe na agu.

So, the ancient Jews used human beings in the fiction that many people read today as bible.

The soul of the law explains how to decode spiritual laws, and rituals encoded in the fiction called bible.

So many stories in the bible are rituals. I will give an instance. The story of Noah and the ark is a ritual. I will explain it in another topic.

So, instead of dwelling on the fictions in the bible, concentrate on decoding the encoded spiritual laws and rituals.

The soul of the soul of the law explains how to apply the decoded spiritual laws and principles in solving problems of life.

You can perform the ritual of Noah and the ark and save yourself from imminent troubles.

Kabbalah also teaches symbolism and numerology used in the bible.

In fact, the bible was written in symbolism and numerology!!!

Jesus is a symbol of sacrifice. Virgin Maria is a symbol of Mother God, etc.

Numerology is the metaphysics of numbers and alphabets.

Numbers and some alphabets in the bible are not real. 40 days and 40 night, 12 apostles, 969 years of Methuselah, 12 stones, 12 children of Jacob are all symbolic numbers.

Adam and Eve never existed as human beings.

Adam was initially ADM which means Humanity in numerology. Because it couldn't be pronounced, it was changed to ADAM.

Eve, in numerology, means what is in humanity that changed him.

Kabbalah explains the Tree of Life which is used as the Garden of Eden in the bible.

The Tree of Life explains what the story of Samson and Delilah means.

Samson and Delilah never existed as human beings, but symbols.

Let me stop here.

You can contact the institution I mentioned above for further inquiries on Kabbalah.

You can also whatsapp me on: +2348067876251.

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