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The Okemmadu of Kabong, Chief Ugwokeh Nnaemeka, has exposed what the church refers to as Holy Communion on an article on his Facebook page on Sunday, July 23, 2023.
The Executive Chairman of Tectono Group Limited made it clear that holy communion is a commemoration of the covenant of placenta between the Mother God and human being, adding that the Mother God manifests Herself as Marine Goddesses in virtually all the villages in the world.
Below is the full text of the article.

Good morning, my highly esteemed friends domiciled all over the world and happy Sunday!!!

Today, I am looking into #Holy #Communion.

This article is anchored on Mother God and I explained what Mother God means last Sunday in my article titled, 'Virgin Maria is a Marine Goddess.'

That last Sunday's article will help you in understanding this one.

Yes, holy communion is a symbol that represents one of the strongest covenants in this world between us and the #MotherGod.

The holy communion commemorates and reinvigorates this covenant on each Sabbath day.

It is the covenant of the placenta, which is a link between you and the great Mother called Mother God.

Last Sunday, I described Mother God as the motherhood ramification of God.

She is that subset of God that has all the characteristics of a mother who has a baby.

The baby here represents everyone who recognizes Her as a mother.

She is the First Mother and Mother of all Mothers.

She is the great Madonna!!!

She is the queen of the world, queen of the coast, queen of the sea, queen of the ocean, queen of heaven, mother of perpetual help, morning star, etc.

The Litany of the blessed Virgin Maria is a prayer to the Mother God.

In view of the love She has for Her children, she has made Herself available in virtually all villages by manifesting as Marine Goddesses.

Different villages call Her different names.

In my own village, she is called Amanyi Orba Oshimili.

She is called Virgin Maria in a certain village in the Jewish country.

So, holy communion is the commemoration of the covenant of the sacrifice of shame, tears, water and blood made for you by the Mother God.

Bread represents the covenant of the sacrifice of shame.

Wine represents the covenant of the sacrifice of tears, water and blood.

How? Let me explain.

Like I mentioned before, Mother God is the Mother of all Mothers and the First Mother. She used your earthly mother just as a vessel to bring you into this world.

In other words, Mother God gave birth to you through your earthly mother.

At the point of your birth, she sacrificed Her shame on your behalf by exposing Her nakedness (body) to strangers so that in your lifetime, nothing will bring shame upon you.

She sacrificed Her sweat so that this world does not become hot for you and you do not need to work like an elephant and eat like an ant.

She sacrificed Her blood on your behalf so that nobody can harm or kill you.

So, these are the covenants of the placenta with the Mother God that holy communion reenforces.

In the Catholic church, the invocations, conjurations and incantations to reinvigorate those covenants commences with the consecration.

The illuminated catholic church members use the communion and the covenant of the placenta to recreate their destinies.

This is the reason why the Catholic Church said that holy mas is the highest prayer.

In Igboland, holy mass is interpreted as aja mas which means the mass of sacrifice, which accentuates this covenant.

Can you see that the church gwara unu okwu ashi about the holy communion?

Ha shiri ashi by saying that the bread and wine represent the body and blood of Jesus.

If catholics know what they have, they shouldn't have any reason to leave for pentecostal churches.

The problem is that they don't know what they are receiving as holy communion.

They don't even know what they are praying to when they are praying in the chapel.

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