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idol worshipping in catholic
In one of his Sunday teachings titled Sunday Special with the Celebrity Businessman,
Chief Ugwokeh Nnaemeka stated it unequivocally that except for very few knowledgeable members of the Roman Catholic Church who are below 5%, others are idol worshippers.
Below is the full text of his teachings as published on his Facebook page on Sunday, July 30, 2023:

Good morning, highly esteemed friends and Happy Sunday.

You are welcome to today's edition of Sunday Special with the Celebrity Businessman.

Today's topic is a question that I am expected to answer yes or no to.

Well, let me state it unequivocally that except for the illumined Roman Catholic Church members who are not up to 5%, others are nothing but idol worshippers.

In order words, virtually all Catholic church members are idol worshippers.

Yes, I am capable of defending this assertion at any ramification.

First of all, what is an idol?

Let us be sincere, factual and pragmatic here.

An idol is an image or symbol that is worshipped as God.

Let me make it explicit that representing God with an image is not bad. It is a nice idea.

The rationale behind representing God with an image is for your mind to assign a proper dimension while making prayers.

Many people cannot pray meaningfully without an image of God in their mind.

In one of my previous articles where explained the importance of sound knowledge of Kabbalah in the correct interpretation of the bible, I mentioned symbolism.

Symbolism, which is a metaphysical study of symbols and signs, demystified this topic.

That is why I have always been an advocate of the incorporating metaphysics into the academic curriculum from primary school to the university.

Knowledge of metaphysics will save a lot of people.

Symbolism will make you understand that the images and symbols you are praying before are not God, but representative that gives you an ideas about God so that your mind will assign a proper dimension while making prayers.

So, you are supposed to be praying to what the image represent, not the image itself.

Virtually all Catholics pray to and worship images, not what the image represent and that is why they are idol worshippers.

For instance, they worship the blessed sacrament domiciled inside a monstrance, not what the blessed sacrament really represents.

So, it is a thing of the mind.

Knowledge of symbolism separates Catholics who are idol worshippers from those who are not.

Personally, I have seen a lot of Catholic priest who always tell members that the blessed sacrament is Jesus, which is totally wrong.

Catholics, whenever you are knelling down before the statue of Virgin Maria, I expect you to know that you are not praying to that image in from of you. Rather, you are praying to the Mother God, otherwise called the great Madonna, who can protect Her children with all her spiritual arsenals.

Whenever you are in the chapel making prayers before the blessed sacrament, I expect you to know that you are not praying to the bread domiciled in the monstrance. Rather, you are invoking the covenant of sacrifice of shame made on your behalf by the Mother God.

I am also saying this to my esteemed friends who are traditional religion practitioners. The images you pray to in your villages represent the Gods of your fathers.

The Marine Deity in your village whose image looks like a woman breastfeeding her baby is a representative of Mother God, the Mother of all Mothers and great Madonna.

That Marine Deity is equivalent to what the Catholic church call Virgin Maria. They are all manifestations of the Mother God.

The one in your village is preferable because She understands your dialect and knows your forefathers.

She knows the provenance your problems even better than you do and has the solutions.

Let me stop here for today.

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